Rotator Cuff Pain Solutions

Discover tailored relief for rotator cuff strain, sprain, and tears at Avella Clinic in Burlington, Ontario.

Customized Rotator Cuff Relief

Our interventions are personalized, ensuring your treatment plan aligns precisely with the nature of your strain, sprain, or tear.

Precision in Relief

Our treatment approach goes beyond generalized solutions, ensuring your treatment plan aligns precisely with your rotator cuff injury.

Fast Recovery, Minimal Disruption

Our advanced therapies and interventions are designed to expedite your recovery, allowing you to resume your routine with reduced downtime.

Better Quality of Life

We are committed to ensuring that your daily activities and long-term well-being remain uninterrupted by the effects of your injury.

Rotator Cuff Specialists

We comprehend the distinct challenges associated with rotator cuff injury pain and are here to provide expert guidance throughout your tailored recovery journey.

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Understanding Rotator Cuff Pain

Enduring the pain of rotator cuff strain, sprain, and tears demands a specialized and comprehensive approach — precisely what Avella Pain Clinic delivers. Our expert team, well-versed in the nuances of the pain associated with these injuries, is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for swift recovery. From personalized treatment plans to cutting-edge therapies, we aim not only to alleviate your pain but also to empower you to regain optimal shoulder function and enjoy a sustained, active lifestyle.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Sharma and her staff provide me with pain management in so many forms, and this clinic is the most valuable resource in providing me with better quality of life. Dr. Sharma truly cares and listens, and believes me when I talk about my experience and pain. I have followed her from two other clinics and I’m very glad I could! I can count on this clinic and I feel confident in the fact that they care, and that’s a great feeling to have with any doctor.

Lauren Alexandra

Dr. Sharma and the staff are very welcoming and supportive. The office is very organized and responds well to emergencies when they arise. I appreciate the calm and empathic approach that the clinic takes when dealing with pain. This clinic also consistently is getting in cutting edge treatments into the office that improve the wellbeing of the clients they serve. I would fully recommend treatment with Dr. Sharma and at Avella Injury and Pain Management.

Rachel Moxam

Our daughter has a degenerative disorder which involves both chronic and acute pain. Dr. Sharma has been instrumental in helping to manage our daughter’s pain; she listens to our daughter and has implemented a personalized, comprehensive pain management program, which she assesses and modifies as our daughter’s condition changes. Dr. Sharma has been a major part of our lives for a number of years now, and when she opened the Avella Injury and Pain Clinic, we followed her here.
Chris McKerlie

Rotator Cuff Pain Treatments

Pharmaceutical Medications

Trigger Point Injections

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Nerve Block Injections

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Nutraceutical Therapy

Massage Therapy

And Many More!

Rotator Cuff Pain Symptoms

    Persistent or Acute Pain

    Experience varying degrees of pain in the shoulder, ranging from persistent discomfort to acute sensations.


    Swelling and Inflammation

    Witness accompanying inflammation that contributes to stiffness in the affected area.


    Bruising or Contusions

    Bruises or contusions may occur, indicating damage to blood vessels beneath the skin. The severity of bruising can vary.


    Limited Range of Motion

    Encounter difficulty in normal shoulder movement due to the injury.


    Muscular Weakness or Instability

    Feel weakness or instability affecting the ability to perform specific movements.


    Tenderness to Touch

    Experience sensitivity and tenderness in the injured area when touched.


    Difficulty Using the Injured Part

    Depending on the injury, there may be difficulty in using or putting weight on the injured limb or joint.


    Challenges in Arm Usage

    Find it difficult to use or bear weight on the injured arm.


    Numbness or Tingling Sensations

    Feel sensations like numbness or tingling, indicative of nerve-related injuries.

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