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Struggling with pain that’s holding you back from living life?

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Dr. Sharma and her staff provide me with pain management in so many forms, and this clinic is the most valuable resource in providing me with better quality of life. Dr. Sharma truly cares and listens, and believes me when I talk about my experience and pain. I have followed her from two other clinics and I’m very glad I could! I can count on this clinic and I feel confident in the fact that they care, and that’s a great feeling to have with any doctor.

Lauren Alexandra

Dr. Sharma and the staff are very welcoming and supportive. The office is very organized and responds well to emergencies when they arise. I appreciate the calm and empathic approach that the clinic takes when dealing with pain. This clinic also consistently is getting in cutting edge treatments into the office that improve the wellbeing of the clients they serve. I would fully recommend treatment with Dr. Sharma and at Avella Injury and Pain Management.

Rachel Moxam

Our daughter has a degenerative disorder which involves both chronic and acute pain. Dr. Sharma has been instrumental in helping to manage our daughter’s pain; she listens to our daughter and has implemented a personalized, comprehensive pain management program, which she assesses and modifies as our daughter’s condition changes. Dr. Sharma has been a major part of our lives for a number of years now, and when she opened the Avella Injury and Pain Clinic, we followed her here.
Chris McKerlie

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Are you tired of the pain that’s holding you back from living your life to the fullest? Do you find yourself avoiding social and recreational activities because of your pain? Are you struggling to complete basic self-care and home care tasks? We understand your struggles and want to help you regain control of your life!

We specialize in comprehensive pain management solutions to people of all ages and genders. Whether your chronic pain is due to aging, work-related injury, motor vehicle accident, sports injury, slip and fall, or medical condition, we can help! Our team of doctors will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your pain. Empowering you to take control of your pain and life.

Say goodbye to the pain that’s been holding you back! By working with us, you’ll experience a range of benefits including improved function, reduced depression and anxiety, increased social and recreational activities, and career stability. You’ll once again enjoy the independence you deserve.

Don’t let pain continue to control your life. Take the first step towards pain relief by contacting us today.

Located in Burlington, ON

5045 Mainway Unit 118, Burlington, ON L7L 5Z1


5045 Mainway #118, Burlington, ON L7L 5Z1, Canada

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